My name is Doris. I love sharing how to make simple and delicious plant-based meals with you.

My path towards a whole food plant based diet first started for sustainability reasons. Concerned that I could be eliminating important macros from my diet, I started researching how to eat a plant-based diet in a healthful manner. This research propelled my transition into a whole food plant based diet very quickly. Coupled with my father surviving colon cancer, the choice was clear.

Following a whole food plant based diet gave me the energy I had been missing and I also felt my mental health improve. This made this way of eating now very sustainable because I enjoyed the health benefits. And as I continued look further into how animal protein is grown, my choice started including supporting a cruelty free way to nourish our bodies.

I have always enjoyed delicious food. A whole food plant based way of eating did not compromise that, and I found creating delicious whole food plant based meals fulfilling my creative outlet. A large number of meals on this blog is whole food plant based no oil. A few meals are not. Personally, I make allowances for this for celebratory events. And I understand that some of you whilst pursuing a predominatly whole food diet, may not completely eliminate oil or sugar. The recipes are clearly marked if they do not contain these items so they can be searched easily.

I hope you enjoy your whole food plant based journey which is great for you, the planet and other living beings in the world. Wishing you happiness and great health.