The future of health is plant-based eating

Have you ever felt a streak of tiredness for days or weeks? Have you been out for a meal and felt the beef and bacon burger plus a side serve of fries sitting in your gut and colon for a day or two? Or over the month of December, when we have given ourselves permission to indulge almost everyday, to celebrate 25 December and we are left with lethargy, a tight waistline and constipation? I have found that eating a whole food plant based diet has given me more energy and a level of healthfulness that I had not expected. No matter how much I ate, as long as I was eating a whole food plant based no oil diet, I felt satisfied, full energy and radiated with health.

In 2016, I was sick a lot, with little energy and the only thing I was capable of was going to work and coming home. Social interactions felt too taxing and when I attended, I only had the energy to sit back and observe. My weight was slowly creeping upwards which I chalked down to my age. Doesn’t everyone put on weight as they get older? I tried the paleo diet which left me unsatiated. I tried a 1,500 calorie diet which made me weak and tired. Today I want to show you how I stumbled upon the whole food plant based no oil diet by accident and found great health through it. It was Christmas of 2016 where I was unwell and watching the holiday celebrations from the sidelines. I noticed how much we ate not just on Christmas day, but the entire month of December. People complained about how unwell they felt as they shoved more food into their mouth in the spirit of keeping up with festivities. So many dead animals on the dining table that had to be raised through unsustainable farming to satisfy our hungry demand. This lead me to the decision to pursue a meat one day a week diet in pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle. My concern how to live this lifestyle in a healthful way lead me to researching plant-based athletes. It became a rabbit hole that lead me to evidence based nutrition. That is, a whole food plant based no oil diet.

A whole food plant based no oil diet delivers the most phytonutrient per calorie consumed. The modern world is too concerned about macronutrients (i.e., carbohydrates, protein and fats). All macronutrients are present in the plant-based diet. However, phytonutrients are only present in plants. These are not only the 29 vitamins and minerals that we commonly talk about, but many other phytonutrients that we are starting to discover or do not yet know about. These include the lycopenes in tomatoes, polyphenols in blueberries as well as the anti-angiogenic and anti-proliferative properties of mushrooms. How can we think that taking a multi-vitamin can replace all these phytochemicals that nature delivers? In addition, this food is helping us grow our gut microbiome that a modern dietary lifestyle is killing. This gut microbiome is so essential to so many effective functioning of the human body. Many of us try to encourage its growth through expensive products or the latest ferments. It’s as easy as eating a high fibre low fat plant-based diet, and let our bodies (and gut bacteria) do its thing. It’s a cheap and evidence-based way to get it done.

The whole food plant based diet is the only evidence based diet and has shown that not only does it promote good health, it can reverse diseases that an animal protein based diet causes. Diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. One can see the effects of switching to a whole food plant based diet in a very short time. Within weeks of starting on a whole food plant based diet, my friends started noticing the amount of energy I had. My skin started glowing, my mother thought a new love had come into my life. I slept better. I ate more, felt fuller and the excess weight fell off. My mental health improved. All just by eating the right foods.

I had stumbled upon the whole food plant based no oil diet in my quest to be kinder to the planet. In turn, the planet blessed me with the super powers of her fruits. I had gone from a tired person who thought that age was catching up on me, to waking up feeling like a 27 year old every day. I would never have known what my body could be capable of feeling, if I had not tried this way of eating. I hope you get to experience this too. You don’t have to believe what I say. Try it out for 30 days, and experience this for yourself then make a decision if it is for you.